Supported Project.

The FHI/GHAIN OVC supported project was aimed at strengthening families and communities to respond to the challenges of Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja. Unique Aid Foundation for People Living with AIDS successfully implemented the OVC in Nyanya, Karu, Mararaba, Dutse, Bwari Town and Jago Communities in AMAC and Bwari Area Council of Abuja, FCT.  The project objects were:

  1. To build the capacity of Unique Aid Foundation staff to effectively carry out OVC programs in Abuja, FCT

  2. To strengthen the capacity of community members and 120 families to protect and care for orphans and vulnerable children in AMAC and Bwari Area Councils

  3. To provide 500 OVC and 120 caregivers with access to essential services to improve their well being in six (6) communities in AMAC and Bwari Area Councils.
















Key achievements under the project included:

  1. Establishment of Children Care Centre (CCC) within Unique Aid Foundation Office in Nyanya, Abuja which was commissioned by the representative of Chief of Party of GHAIN/FHI, James L. Ross, Ph.D.

  2. 12 staff of Unique Aid Foundation were trained on Psychosocial Support to care for 500 OVC under the project

  3. Provision of school materials to 500 OVC (exercise book, writing materials, school uniforms, bags, mathematical set etc)

  4. Provision of health and psychosocial support to 500 OVC

  5. Capacity of 120 OVC caregivers were built on Food, Nutrition and Health Education for proper care of OVC under their care

  6. 60 OVC caregivers were trained on business management skills and linked

  7. Capacity of 60 OVC was built on life skills which enabled them to face life’s challenges and also skills to inform and influence their peers positively.



Community Care in Nigeria (CCN Project) is a 3-year ChristianAid supported OVC (2007 to 2010) under the cooperative agreement between Christian Aid and the Presidents Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) APS-620-06-002.  The project was implemented by Unique Aid Foundation for People Living with AIDS with the overall goal of improving the quality of lives of Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC), People Living with HIV (PLHIV) and community women (OVC Caregivers) through household economic strengthening, provision of psychosocial and educational support to OVC, provision of food and nutrition support and life skills and mentoring support.  















 The project was implemented in Nyanya, Mararaba, Masaka, Karu and Jikwoyi communities in Abuja.

.  Key achievements included:

  1. Formation of 6 Savings and Loans Association in 6 communities

  2. 177 Caregivers were trained under the project

  3. 610 youth benefited from the Youth Club activities

  4. 108 OVC caregivers benefited from the Savings and Loans Associations

  5. Start-up grants were provided tosix Saving and Loans Associations

  6. 6 SLAs formed under the project were linked to micro-finance institutions

  7. 86 SLA members were linked to appropriate agencies on poverty alleviation


A total of 7 youth clubs were established under the CCN Project by Unique Aid Foundation for People Living with AIDS.  Membership of the youth clubs comprised of young people aged between 13-17 years (in and out of school youths). 










The youth clubs activities is embedded with life skills issues that support participants to engage in self-reflection and build self-confidence, and helped them to identify and explore their core values, learn more about special qualities and improve their ideal-self image and develop “life vision” of where they wanted to be in the future as well as general strategies and action plan to bring these vision to reality.  A total of 610 youth aged between 13 – 17 years benefited from the youth club activities.







Under this project, Unique Aid Foundation for People Living with AIDS formed  a total of six (6) Savings and Loans Associations across the six (6) communities of the CCN impact zones (Nyanya, Maraba, Masaka, Karu and Jikwoyi) with membership of 177 (162 female and 15 male) OVC caregivers who are also living positively with HIV/AIDS.  The OVC Caregivers under the project benefited from food and nutrition training/counseling, psychosocial support, basic medical care and health talk relevant to the caregivers and OVC under their care, parenting and parent-child communication skills, hygiene and sanitation awareness, grants and loans among others. 



USG OVC Technical Team Lead visit UAF


OVC welcome the USG Technical Assistance Lead to UAF Office in Abuja.


OVC welcome the USG Technical Assistance Lead to UAF Office in Abuja.


Presentation of Awards after a Quiz Competition on HIV/AIDS.


We care in the best interest of the child.


Donation of Food & Nutrition items to OVC Caregivers by UAF


Practical Session on Food and Nutrition training

Nigeria MARKETS Project

In  2009, Unique Aid Foundation for People Living with AIDS implemented the component two of the Family Nutritional Support Program  (FNSP)  to address the longer term household nutrition and income generation needs of HIV affected households by providing business skills training to OVC caregivers and promoting home gardening as an income generating activity.  The project was supported by SAII Associates Ltd/Gte (an associate of company of Chemonics International Inc) under the “Maximizing Agricultural and Key Enterprises in Targeted Sits” otherwise known as the “Nigeria MARKETS Project”.




MARKETS focuses on expanding economic opportunities in the agricultural sector by increasing agricultural productivity, enhancing value-added processing, and increasing commercialization through private-sector led and market-driven growth and development.   The project was implemented in Nyanya, Karu and  Jikwoi Communities in Abuja.  126 OVC caregivers were trained on business management skills and linked to microfinance institutions for small to access loans to finance their businesses.

126 OVC caregivers were trained on business management and linked to income generating opportunities


Training on Business Skills by UAF


Beneficiaries of Nigeria MARKETS Project